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I cannot say enough great things about Nevada Frenchie Rescue. I consider Naniece and Bobbi the foremost experts on French Bulldogs in Northern Nevada. They brought “Napoleon” into our lives, and he was a joy to us for all the rest of his remaining years. Naniece and Bobbi have always been available to us, even in the middle of the night when we had a medical emergency. They are Napoleon’s aunts, and we remain friends to this very day. They care so much for these French bulldogs that they rescue. I never thought I could love a dog that I did not get as a puppy, but watching Napoleon blossom, and develop his personality once he came into a loving home was probably the best thing to ever happen to my husband and me. We are dog lovers and have several dogs, but none has ever touched our hearts and souls like our Frenchie Napoleon.  Thank You Nevada Frenchie Rescue, and Thank you Naniece and Bobbi. I hope to get the opportunity to adopt another Frenchie sometime in the near future. –From the Marsters family
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It all happened on a chilly cold night, when the frost seemed to almost bite. But once we entered the store your warmth filled the air. You came wagging your tail and wearing your cute sweater. We loved you at once; couldn’t wait to take you home. Take you to our house to be free to roam. When we heard your story I almost burst into tears.How could anybody be so cruel to our dear?Cruel men bred you, having three litters.Then your mate died, making you bitter. The men threw you away, like some unused trash, but then we got you – a good kind of rash! I have always wanted a dog and you’re one of a kind. Everything I have wished for, an addition to our family bind. I love you Evie for coming into my life. I love you for sticking by my side and making things alright. Thank you, Nevada Frenchie Rescue, and thank you Naniece and Bobbi – Bless you. –From the Bennion family